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A candle has been lit in the name of the Pioneer employees
and their friends/family who have expressed their concern
and compassion for the families of Staten Island victims of the
September 11th tragedy by making a contribution to ...
The Staten Island Victims Relief Fund

You can have a candle lit in your name by making a donation.

These candles are in memorium the thousands of victims lost September 11,
all of whom were a "hero" to someone, and as a vigil for the safe return
of the thousands more heroes - our service men and women overseas -
fighting the war against terrorism.

Thank you for not forgetting, and making a donation
...your generosity did not go unnoticed!

Joe "C" Fiorino

Scott Press

Gary Smerina

Joe Castellano


Jimmy Capece

Walter McKlusky

John Andrews

Eddie Giggs


Mary Di Scala

Denis & Maureen O'Brien

Pete & Ursula Caccamo

Frank Minotti


Carmine Guinta

Bob Hinkley

Joe & Nancy Lamberti

George Dougan


Joe Palladino

George Muller

Jerry Forlenza, Sr.

Bob Schlaeger


Laurie Nelson

Ralph Migliaccio

Joe Gaeta

Louie Ferracco


Tommy (Sausage) Addivinola

Wayne Yezzo

Rudy Romeo

Allen & Lynn Furnell

John Di Domenico

Mary D'Angelo

Insp. Robert T. D'Angelo

Danny Muccino

Paul & Susan Arciprete

Erik Paulsen (shop)

Nick Williams (shop)

Steve DeMizio (shop)

Frankie Goebel (shop)

Rose & John DiCicco


You can have a candle lit in your name by making a donation.
Friends and family of drivers wishing to donate, and have a candle lit in their names, can
give cash or checks, or send checks to those drivers, (or the person who sent this page),
made out to "Staten Island Victims Relief Fund"
If you have already made a donation and your name does not appear here,
please tell the person to whom you gave your donation,
or send e-mail to (click).
[Be sure to indicate to whom you gave your donation]
Special thanks to these establishments and/or
people who are helping to raise money for
The Staten Island Victims Relief Fund

Ragno D'Oro Restaurant
2912 Arthur Kill Rd. 10309
Mario & Nadia

Manressa Council K of C
185 Cedar Grove Ave. 10306
John Czirr/Charlie Murphy

Tysen Card & Gift Shop
2736 Hylan Blvd. 10306

DeLis Cleaners
2726 Hylan Blvd. 10306


New Dorp Beach Deli
99 Cedar Grove Ave. 10306
Lou Cummiskey

Great Kills Yacht Club
37 Mansion Ave. 10308

Quik Mart
2071 Clove Rd.

Patrick Grasso
New Dorp


Linda, Frank & Lauren
Pansini, Eltingville

Carol Olson
Cocoa Beach, Fl

The Staten Island Victims Relief Fund was created under the auspices of the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation. It is for the more needy families of victims of the World Trade Center - those who are not fortunate enough to have the ample financial benefits of civil service workers. The fund has already disbursed money to those in distress. You can learn more about either organization by visiting their websites; just click on their names.